Tarot reading

My life is fucked up, weird and chaotic. So weird that when on occasion I describe it to a close friend they often thing I’ve embellished the story for ‘dramatic’ effect. No, it’s just pretty fucked up!
I just about had enough today. It’s been 2 step’s forward and 3 back for the last several years. Any attempts to change it were always met with heavy resistance, physically and mentally.
I have a good friend who is an amazing Tarot reader but I wanted somebody who didn’t know me so well yet would give me a non-sugar coated but sympathetic reading. I had read Matt Laws fantastic book on the 22 major arcana (which is beautifully simple and direct book. I’m desperately waiting for the follow up) and had chatted with Matt a bit in the past. So I asked him if he could give me a reading and put me straight on how to break out of this downward spiral.
It’s 7 hours or so since I spoke to Matt and I’m still trying to take stock of what he said. The fact he picked up several things only I know, not just about my life but about the people around me and the people I surround myself with, amazed me. Partially I was in denial about it. The last 13 years of my life is based on it, yet I kind of just air brush over it.
The reading, Tarot and Natal chart, was in plain English. Sometimes I feel some reader have swallowed a dictionary and are trying just too hard to impress you with their mastery of the English language. There wasn’t much need to ask questions for clarification. I did fill in the blanks and explain the situation slightly better to Matt which allowed him to expand his reading and pull some amazing pieces of information out.
Now that its been pointed out to me, I can’t avoid it. This is like the bubble in the wallpaper, the one you kept telling yourself wasn’t really there but now that it has been pointed out to me, I can’t un-see it. At least he did offer some way to deal with the situation.
If you want a direct, uncomplicated, plain English reading. Somebody who won’t talk all airy fairy or new age’y with you I highly recommend Matt. I also highly recommend his book, 22 Paths of Imperfection.