The Sorcerers Secrets

The Sorcerers Secrets by Jason Miller
New Page Books    2009

This book could be reviewed with a simple sentence… “Effect real change with real magic”, and that wouldn’t be a lie.

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I prefer to buy hardback books but thats not always possible and sometimes not very practicable either. I’m thinking of the 800+ page Foundations of Practical Sorcery. A great book but not easy to read in bed, let alone lug around on my travel’s. I wish I’d bought the 7 paperback volumes instead.

The Sorcerers Secrets is a slim paperback that has accompanied me on several trips (224 pages). It fall’s at the other end of the spectrum to the limited edition books I buy. Whereas I try to keep those in good condition this is a volume that is full of post it notes, highlighter marks and notes scribbled in the margin. Its a loved but not abused book. An affordable working class paperback to the more stuffy (and sometimes pretentious) upper class hardbacks.

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Jason has a knack for distilling complex systems down to the bare essentials. To give the reader a simple, straightforward and understandable approach to effecting change around them. The results though are far from simple. He has managed to include in the book some very powerful workings that won’t scare away the timid magician who is unsure of themselves nor is this a book just for beginners. The lessons build upon one another to produce a powerful system.

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When asked by people where to start in magic, which is surprisingly often considering I’m quite new to the serious study of magic, Jason is the first person I recommend, often the only person I recommend. Recently a devoutly religious co-worker in Egypt asked me about magic and Jason was the only person I recommended. He was worried about getting involved with something counter to his Coptic faith but at the same time still very interested to learn more. As I said before, this is not just a beginners book, it would be perfect for ‘armchair magicians’ who have no regular practice and even experienced Mage’s can learn something new from this book.

The bottom line, simple practicable solutions that work.

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  1. That looks like my copy. I went ahead and glued index tabs on mine. I also signed up for his Strategic Sorcery course. Worth every penny.

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