Golden Dawn Temple Tarot and Tarot book

Golden Dawn Temple Tarot and Tarot book by Nick Farrell, Nicola and Harry Wendrich, 2011


The Deck…

I love this Tarot deck! I don’t remember how I came across it but once I saw the pictures on Wendrich Art House’s Web site I had to have a set. The colours of the cards just mesmerised me and put me into a trance… I wanted this deck badly. When it finally arrived I was not disappointed. The cards are large 95mm by 135mm tall with lots of detail in each card. The surface finish is very matt and the back’s are a plain green. Card stock is sturdy but not too thick. The cards have already had quite a bit of abuse at my hands and are holding up well. This deck comes with two Temperance keys (pic the one that suits you best) and a card with a prayer to HRU.

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I find dealing with these cards to be quite rewarding. The energy is balanced and the readings are becoming more detailed and natural as I become more familiar with the deck. This is not a wishy washy New Age deck though. I find it strong but the energies balanced. It doesn’t sugar coat problems unlike the Thoth deck which I also use, it doesn’t overpower me or try to dominate me. My niece also took a strong liking to this deck and I had to buy her a set as well.

There is also a large set of Tarot keys available from Wendrich Art House. This is an A5 sized set of Tarot trumps for meditation or ritual use. According to the Web site there is a special book that comes with this but I’m unsure if its the same as the book below as I have not received these yet.
The Book
The book Tarot (Golden Dawn Temple Deck Meditation Deck) is available from LuLu. I’m a bit of a fan of Nick’s work, he certainly get’s more than the occasional email from me. The book is 95 pages long and written by Nick and Harry.

Chapters include…

Chapter One – Preparatory Exercises
Cabalistic Cross, LRP, Meditation and Relaxation, Breathing Exercises, MP, Consecrating your Deck etc…
Chapter Two – Assembling Osiris
Hebrew letters, Astrology, The elements, The Paths etc…
Chapter Three – Getting Specific
Meditation seeds for each of the archetypes
Chapter Four – Meditation Techniques
Astral Doorways, Inner guide meditation, Balancing the archetypes with the astrological chart etc…
Chapter Five – Seven Stages of Spiritual Unfoldment
How are the seven stages of spiritual unfoldment found, Using the cards to start spiritual unfoldment etc…


The book is up to the surprisingly high LuLu standard. Tightly glued paperback with heavy white paper (feels of better quality than Ritual Offerings and has not yellowed). Its already taken a battering at my hands and is often thrown in the bottom of my bag on my jaunts to various rigs.

This is not an in-depth book on the study of the Tarot but at the same time it is a practical book to allow you to study the Tarot in depth. An essential accompaniment to the Golden Dawn Temple Tarot.Deck 2.03fb5f93ab6e4041b547583f4ed8141d

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